Saturday, March 12, 2005


Captured At Last

Link Brian Nichols is now in custody after another shooting early this morning and after a hostage standoff at the Bridgewater Apartments. I was on Sugarloaf this morning heading for the Gwinnett Arena area and saw several Gwinnett police cars heading somewhere fast. You don't mess with Gwinnett cops. They have the best communications, procedures, personnel and a bad ass reputation. Now the speculation begins. How was he able to get down eight flights of stairs at the courthouse after shooting a judge? Why was the courthouse not on automatic lockdown once any suspected shots were fired? How did he get away from the garage at Centennial Park? Was he continuing to hunt other targets? I am willing to bet that it will be proven that a) the courthouse had lax handling procedures b) the courthouse had no procedures in place to lockdown the building in case of a possible shooting c) he blended into the homeless population near Centennial Park and waited until dark to follow the train tracks behind the Philips Arena or even take the Marta train to Lenox to scout a vehicle to carjack as it is an area rich in targets and one he was familiar with and d) he was apprehended by a tip from a citizen in relation to the truck he had stolen and was intent on continuing his hunt. This guy made one huge mistake.. Atlanta Police may be the Keystone Cops, but the Gwinnett County cops are another thing. Gwinnett cops are competent, professional and make the Texas Rangers look tame. Thank God this mess is over. Now the fingerpointing begins.

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