Monday, March 14, 2005


Atlanta Courthouse Murders - Changes Starting to Happen

Link 11 Alive News in Atlanta is reporting that changes are already starting to happen at the courthouse where 3 people were gunned down last Friday by Brian Nichols. They are bringing in reserve and retired deputies in the short term to beef up security checkpoints. Hopefully, this will free up some staff for escort duties. Deputies escorting defendants will no longer have any one-on-one situations, and escorting officers will no longer carry guns.

It has been revealed that 3 officers were on duty in the control room, but they have additional duties in addition to watching the monitors, and none of them saw the scuffle on camera 40 between the deputy and Nichols. They are tasked with answering phones, monitoring radio activity, and answering alarms. It is unclear how these additional tasks interfere with watching the monitors.

Judicial security is now under the microscope from promised congressional inquiries and from state lawmakers promising to hold "hearings." It seems the judges in the building have taken it upon themselves to take the lead in the changes, in the short term, to ensure their own safety.

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