Monday, March 14, 2005


Atlanta Courthouse Murders - Silent Alarms Went Unheeded

Link This report on Fox5Atlanta, the local Fox affiliate has some disturbing details about Nichols movements and the lack of response from the Sheriff's department.

Exclusive Details of Atlanta Courthouse Crime Spree

The deadly shooting rampage has made Atlanta and the country painfully aware of how vulnerable our courthouses can be. Fox5 News has uncovered exclusive details about the Fulton County courtroom murders and the man accused of pulling the trigger, Brian Nichols. We have learned that Nichols was alone at least ten minutes, after he allegedly attacked Deputy Cynthia Hall. During that time, he was shepherding people into the judge's chambers. Some of those people were triggering silent alarms. But for reasons still unknown, the Sheriff's Department never answered the calls. Friday's shooting has lawmakers considering a statewide courthouse security mandate. Right now in Georgia, procedures to secure criminal defendants vary from courthouse to courthouse, and sometimes from judge to judge. Today, state lawmakers made plans to set up a task force of law enforcement officers... that task force will recommend whether a statewide courthouse security standard is needed in georgia. Brian Nichols is expected to make his first court appearance tomorrow at the Fulton County Jail. A judge from outside of Fulton County will be brought in to read the charges against him. Brian Nichols is expected to make his first court appearance tomorrow at the Fulton County Jail. Meanwhile, the body of Customs agent David Wilhelm has been taken from Atlanta to North Carolina, where he will be laid to rest. The funeral service for David Wilhelm will be held in Salisbury, North Carolina on Thursday. Authorities say Wilhelm was Brian Nichols' final victim. The murder of three people at the fulton county courthouse was the only thought on the minds of many employees as they returned to work this morning. Security was beefed up, and the mood was somber. Employees tried to comfort each other with prayers....and hugs. But many workers felt uncomfortable entering the the building.

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