Wednesday, March 16, 2005


Atlanta Courthouse Murders - Timeline of Carjackings

CBS46, Atlanta's CBS affiliate has information on the timeline of Nichols carjackings up until he walks out of the Centennial Park garage and into nothingnessm, until he assaults a couple at a complex near Lenox Mall at 10:40.

1. 9:05 He carjacks a Mazda Tribute in the garage across from the courthouse.

2. 9:07 He enters a garage where the wrecker driver sees him. Police follow him into the lot. He exits on foot and carjacks the wrecker.

3. 9:14 He abandons the wrecker on Cone St within a few blocks of the courthouse and carjacks a Mercury Sable.

4. 9:16 He enters still another garage and carjacks an Isuzu Trooper. He orders the driver to get down in the passenger floorboards and demands a jacket. He starts to remove his own shirt and the passenger jumps from the moving SUV.

5. 9:20 He accosts Don O'Briants and carjacks the Green Honda. He abandons it one floor down.

6. 9:30 He walks out of the Centennial Park garage and police lose track of him.

They spend the rest of the day and evening until 11:00 looking for the Green Honda.

I have not seen any information on where the police think that he was between 9:30 and his assault of a couple in a condo complex close to Lenox Mall and the Lenox MARTA station at 10:40 pm. I still believe that he took the rail system from the Philips Arena station and spent most of his day at Lenox Mall.

I believe that the police have another assault/robbery reported somewhere near a MARTA station and that is where he acquired the money for his MARTA trip, the hat and the $40.00 he offered to Ashley Smith. They have not released any video from the MARTA system which leads me to believe that the video cameras were not operating, and Pennington's certainty of Nichols using MARTA must come from a police report of a crime near a station. Remember, downtown was flooded with people in town for the tournament, and MARTA stations always have extra personnel at the gates during big events, so he most likely didn't do any turnstile jumping.

Ashley Smith told Fox 5 Atlanta that he was wearing a "new" ball cap when he first assaulted her, so it logical that he got it at the mall. Although, an alternative theory is that he could have gotten the hat from a vendor around the SEC tournament, which definitely puts him nearer the Philips Arena station than the Five Points station.

Regardless of where he got the hat and if it were me, I would hide in plain site at a mall. The addition of a ball cap was a smart move. Rent a Cops at malls are more interested in shoplifters and probably were not included in the BOLO from Atlanta police. Besides, the BOLO was for a "bald" guy.

This guy definitely was not a candidate for the "stupid criminal files." Is there a "stupid police files?" I have several nominations I would like to make...

Wow - he's busted. Here's the comment I posted (but must've put it in the wrong place by accident - sorry Stephanie!).
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